RCT-481 Accusations!Leila Aizaki My Wife Was Forced To Shyness Banquet In The Nude Art Collection Of Women's Association Bullying Lesbian Moms 䄆 䄆 Town Neighborhood Association Saitama Prefecture

RCT-481 Accusations!Leila Aizaki My Wife Was Forced To Shyness Banquet In The Nude Art Collection Of Women's Association Bullying Lesbian Moms 䄆 䄆 Town Neighborhood Association Saitama Prefecture

Duration: 120 minutes

Director: Tenpuru Suwa

Label: Rocket

Maker: Rocket

Idols: Hara Chihiro, Syouda Chisato

Genres: Foreign Objects, Humiliation, Lesbian, Married Woman, Planning

Release date: 2013-03-07

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