HERY-048 Fujiko Out Sweat Duct Of The Body 10 People To Fuck 4 Hours Cherry Take!

HERY-048 Fujiko Out Sweat Duct Of The Body 10 People To Fuck 4 Hours Cherry Take!

Duration: 240 minutes

Director: U Kichi

Label: Iero- (Hero)

Maker: Iero- (Hero)

Idols: Aizawa Arisa, Hamasaki Mao, Hanyuu Nozomi, Hara Chigusa, Kisaki Ema, Kitagawa Eria, Kobayakawa Reiko, Manami Rei, Mizuki Nao, Shinoda Ayumi

Genres: 4HR+, Creampie, Squirting

Release date: 2015-05-13

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