CHAO-006 I Show You Carefully!Mono Amazing Blow 4 Hours Of 17 People Super Tech Wife

CHAO-006 I Show You Carefully!Mono Amazing Blow 4 Hours Of 17 People Super Tech Wife

Duration: 240 minutes

Label: CHAOS (Pandora)

Maker: CHAOS (Pandora)

Idols: Aiba Satsuki, Akane Azusa, Aoi Sakura, Hirosena Nanami, Kazuki Yuni, Kinohana Amiru, Kudou Misa, Matsushita Senri, Mizuhara Sana, Yamaguchi Kaori

Genres: 4HR+, Best Omnibus, Blow, Married Woman

Release date: 2015-05-15

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