AVOP-102 SOD Female Director Yamamoto Seaweed Formula "ejaculation Control" - Erect Men If To Taste The 'ejaculation Of Pleasure' Whether Become Compliant Of Women?~

AVOP-102 SOD Female Director Yamamoto Seaweed Formula "ejaculation Control" - Erect Men If To Taste The 'ejaculation Of Pleasure' Whether Become Compliant Of Women?~

Duration: 220 minutes

Director: Yamamoto Wakame

Label: AV OPEN 2015

Maker: AV OPEN 2015

Idols: Hatano Yui, Ichikawa Masami, Sunohara Miki, Uehara Ai

Genres: AV OPEN 2015 Planning Dept., Cowgirl, Documentary, Planning, Slut, Submissive Men

Release date: 2015-09-01

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