AVOP-056 Shaimase Glance! !kawaii * School Culture Festival 2014 Skirt JK Welcomes ‰ª»

AVOP-056 Shaimase Glance! !kawaii * School Culture Festival 2014 Skirt JK Welcomes ‰ª» AVOP-056

Duration: 240 minutes

Director: Nakameguro Takeshi

Label: AV OPEN 2014

Maker: Kawaii

Idols: Anna Rika, Hatsumi Saki, Kanae Ruka, Minato Riku, Miyazaki Konomi, Narumiya Azusa, Natsumi Iku, Sakurai Kokona

Genres: AV OPEN 2014 Heavyweight, Beautiful Girl, Promiscuity, Sailor Suit, School Girls, Underwear

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