ASFB-003 Name Appeared 16 Golden Legend Blame The Glans

ASFB-003 Name Appeared 16 Golden Legend Blame The Glans ASFB-003

Duration: 240 minutes

Director: Golf13

Label: Fetish Box/ Mousou Zoku

Maker: Fetish Box/ Mousou Zoku

Idols: Aoyama Hikaru, Asami Yuki, Esumi Rian, Hana Jun, Higashio Mako, Hoshizaki Anri, Kiryuu Sakura, Kotaki Miina, Momijino Hana, Namiki Ruka, Naoshima Ai, Nonaka Anri, Sena Ayumu, Tsujimoto Ryou, Tsukishima Yuuri, Yamaguchi Tomomi

Genres: Best Omnibus, Handjob

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